Dennis Stroughmatt

New CD Now Available!! July 2016

​Volume II is here!!

Featuring 7 former members of Ray Price's Cherokee Cowboys, including 5 originals: Buddy Spicher, Jan Kurtis, Pete Wade, Little Red Hayes, and Pig Robbins plus Mike Sweeney and Ernie Reed.  If you want to relive the sounds of the original Cherokee Cowboys, it doesn't get closer than this.  Also features guests artists including Leona Williams, Justin Trevino, and Tony Booth.  Some of the songs include  "You Wouldn't Know Love," "One More Time," Invitation to the Blues," and "Lonely Street."

Order your copy by sending $17 to Dennis Stroughmatt at 201 E Elm, Albion IL 62806.     

Western Swing at its finest....Wade Ray Style!

First Tribute CD Still Available 

Featuring former members of the Cherokee Cowboys 

Musicians including Buddy Spicher, Pete Wade, Lloyd Green, Pig Robbins, Mike Sweeney, Lynn Owsley, Jim Loessberg, Willie Cantu, and Wade Bernard and of course Dennis Stroughmatt bring to life the sound and feel of Ray Price's Cherokee Cowboys once again.  And to top it off, this fantastic group is joined also by guest and legend Tony Booth!!

This was released nationally on April 15, 2014 and is now available for purchase at live shows as well as several other outlets, including ordering it right here.  Songs include Touch My Heart, A Way to Survive, Heart Over Mind, and many others including here.  $17 includes shipping to your door.  Send to Dennis Stroughmatt 201 E. Elm, Albion IL 62806

Things I Might Have Been

A tribute to Wade Ray and Western Swing featuring Lynn Owsley, Doug Jerningan, Russ Wever, Hadley Castille, and Buddy Spicher.

$15 includes shipping in the USA.  Dennis Stroughmatt, 201 East Elm, Albion IL 62806

Up Against It - 2011

I wasn't expecting to release "Up" so quickly, but that's what...


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